Lutheran Hour Ministries

Project Connect, the booklet ministry of Lutheran Hour Ministries, has been producing and distributing helpful, topical booklets since 1996. Through these compact, Christ-centered volumes, thousands of individuals have benefited from a good word in time of need. Click on the image above to download your free Project Connect booklet.

Choose from titles such as:

A Matter of Time Taking Control of Your Life

Battles with the Bottle

Beyond Divorce

Cancer Courage Through Christ



God is bigger than your grief

Parenting Families: Practical Strategies for Family Life

Parenting Families: Practical Strategies for the Single Parent

Parenting Families: Practical Strategies for the Blended Family

Renew The Romance In Your Marriage

Strength and Honor: The Spiritual Warfare Against Pornography

Surviving A Loved One’s Suicide

Surviving Breast Cancer

The Conflict at Home: confronting PTSD

Unlocking The Prison Of Guilt

Where is God in All Of This ?

Why do bad things happen?