Lent Midweek Worship – Places of the Passion

A Series of Services for the Season of Lent
In-Person and Online

Wednesdays | 7:00 pm

In this worship series for Lent, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, contemplating what happened at each place our Savior stood along the path of His Passion for our sake. Written by theology professor Reed Lessing, each service explores the meaning, history, and spiritual inspiration associated with the location highlighted. We will learn things we may not have known before as we grow to understand more deeply the hard road our Lord took, that the way to heaven might be open to us.

Ash Wednesday 2/17: The City of Jerusalem • Matthew 26:1-5: Jerusalem is the place of the Passover, where Jesus gathers with the crowds.

Week 1, 2/24: Bethany • Matthew 26:6-13: Jesus is anointed for burial by his friend Mary, at her home in this small town.

Week 2, 3/3: The Mount of Olives • Matthew 26:30-35: The disciples sing a hymn with Jesus before they head out to this place of prayer.

Week 3, 3/10: The Garden of Gethsemane • Matthew 26:47-56: Jesus is betrayed and arrested in this garden under cover of darkness.

Week 4, 3/17: The Courtyard • Matthew 26:57-69: While Jesus is put on trial before the high priest, Peter denies Jesus in this place.

Week 5, 3/24: Pilate’s Judgment Hall • Matthew 27:11-23: Pilate is positioned here to set Jesus free, but turns him over to be crucified instead.