God’s Wonder Lab – Virtual VBS

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Virtual VBS 2021 – FREE

July 11 – 15

Pick up Bags and Shirts: Week of July 4

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At God’s Wonder Lab VBS, your children look into the Bible, God’s Holy Word, and discover that Jesus does the impossible, giving us eternal life with Him! Jesus shows that He is God with amazing miracles. And He shows us that He loves us by using His power to do marvelous things on our behalf!

How does Jesus do the impossible?

  • At a wedding, we learn Jesus’ miracles are signs that point to His power as God. Jesus’ miracle shows that He cares for others.
  • Jesus is Lord of the wind and waves, and He can walk on water. He also reaches out to save us from our doubt and sin. He is with us always.
  • Jesus loves all. He gives life and healing to a young girl and a sick woman, both of whom may have been ignored by others. Jesus has the power to heal.
  • Jesus died and rose again! He came to His followers to show them that in Him, they have life too. Jesus saves us from death.
  • Jesus went back to prepare a place for us in heaven, but He still knows what we are doing. He calls us to tell others about Him, and He gives us what we need to share the light of His love.