LOL VBS 2014 Group Pics 010Vacation Bible School is an outreach to the Elkhorn/west Omaha community.

How does VBS work at Lord of Life?

Lord of Life strives to have a high quality, high energy, fun, and engaging VBS where children learn about Jesus through a number of engaging stations. Each child that attends is put in a “crew” and each crew will go through stations together.

Opening and Closing – This opens and closes the day. They meet the “character of the day”, are introduced to the Bible story, and sing a few fun songs!

Bible Challenge –This station reinforces the Bible Verse and Story. It usually uses rhythms, songs, and raps to learn and remember each Bible Verse and Story.

Games/Snack –This station helps the children run around and use some of their energy by playing fun and engaging games that always bring out the main Bible point. They also get to cool down with a nice refreshing snack at the end of Game time.

Bible Story –This station engages children in the Bible story of the day by using skits and other storytelling methods to have the story come alive in front of them.

Craft –This station has the children use their creativity and also gives them an opportunity to bring something home that they created at VBS!

Music –This station is an opportunity to learn the actions and the words to the fun VBS songs that always have a very positive message and go along with each day’s Bible points.

Preschool – This area is for 3, 4, and 5 year olds. They rotate in their own area that is all preschool age focused.