The Lord’s Supper is God’s gift for Christians who are properly instructed. We practice close[d] Communion. This means that as you receive Holy Communion you affirm with each communicant that Jesus is your Savior and Lord and that you share the confession of faith professed at Lord of Life by Lutheran Christians. The statements below reflect our beliefs.

The Communion Confession

  • I recognize and confess that I am a sinner. I repent of my sin and ask God’s forgiveness. With His help I will amend my sinful life.
  • I believe that Jesus Christ is my only Lord and Savior from sin, Satan and death.
  • I believe that the risen Christ is really present in the Sacrament and, under the form of the bread and the wine, I receive His true body and blood for the forgiveness of my sin and the strengthening of my faith and life.
  • I resolve to dedicate my life to the service of my Lord by regular group worship, sacrificial giving, thankful living and sharing the Gospel with others.

Children who are not confirmed can come to the altar for a blessing. If you are uncertain of whether or not you should take Communion, please talk with Pastor or a greeter at the church. Adults who are not able to commune may also come to the altar for a blessing.


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