– that has been called together in faith through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to share that faith with everyone.

– that is composed of young and old, single and married, secure and seeking.

– that gathers in worship to celebrate the Good News that Christ has risen for all of us.

– that meets together to study and to be empowered by the word of God.

– that encourages and prays for one another.

– that comes together to build our relationships and to support one another.

– that rejoices in Baptism and Holy Communion, marriage and birth, and all the gifts of God.

– that cares about sickness and health.

– that grieves at the loss of a loved one and shares comfort from God.

– that uses our God-given talents to serve others in our community and in the world.

– that invites you to join with us as together we endeavor to grow in our faith.

We would like you to become a member of our family.

Depending upon your past church background, you can become a member through Transfer and New Member Class. Transfers are for those who have prior membership at another LCMS (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) congregation. New Member Class is for those who do have not have an LCMS background. Contact Pastor to set up a meeting to become part of the Lord of Life family.