2022 Board members

The Board of Evangelism works to bring the Gospel to the unchurched, assimilate new members into the church body, train and uplift the members of the church in spreading the Gospel and by promoting positive Christian community relationships.

The objective of the Board of Evangelism is Christian outreach, recognizing the command of Christ: “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).


Responsibilities include:

Bringing the Gospel to the unchurched  by  contacting new community members with information about Lord of Life; training current members in personal witness and utilizing missionary service opportunities.

Assimilating new members into the church body by promoting a positive and inviting atmosphere of the church; planning orientation and integration programs for new members; and sustaining a greeter program.

Training members of the church in spreading the Gospel by encouraging evangelism programs in the congregation, providing devotionals and self-guided Bible study, and encouraging prayer in church and home.

Promoting positive Christian Community relationships by ongoing promotion for new activities for worship and Bible study through media outlets such as church website and newspaper; contacting community organizations about services available in the church.


Past and future projects/events:

Bible League International Project, Participation in Elkhorn Days Parade, Family Fun Festival for Elkhorn Days, Public Service Appreciation Day, Samaritan’s Purse Project,  ongoing support of missionaries, Lutheran Hour Ministries Regional Outreach Conference.